Warranty & Returns

Please read this document carefully before placing an order. We may changes these terms from time to time. The last update is made on February 19, 2021. Please check them before making the new purchase.


1.1 All the products you purchase from us that are damaged or not operating in the way they should operate according to the information we provide electronically, are covered by warranty:
1.1.1 for the consumers resident in the EU: the manufacturer's guarantee, but not less than 24 months from the date of purchase of the Products;
1.1.2 for the legal persons resident in the EU: the manufacturer's guarantee, but not less than 12 months from the date of supply of the Products;
1.1.3 for the consumers and the legal persons not resident in the EU: the manufacturer's warranty, but not less than 12 months from the date of supply of the Products.
1.2 Within the framework of the warranty referred to in paragraph 2.1, we can, at our discretion, repair the damaged Products or replace the damaged Products or return the value of the damaged Products to you.
1.3 The warranty conditions referred to in paragraph 2.1 shall not apply to damage caused by misuse of the Product and/or due to your carelessness, or due to an accident occurring at the time when the Products were in your use, such as:
1.3.1 the Product has damage to warranty seals, serial numbers;
1.3.2 the Product has not been used for the purposes intended for it and has not been operated in the manner specified in the instructions for use of the Products;
1.3.3 broken structures, the Product handled with incorrect means, presence of foreign objects, including insects, in the Product, or any other traces indicating incorrect operation of the Product;
1.3.4 the damage has occurred due to non-compliance of the supply voltage with the manufacturer’s specified standards, due to rapid temperature fluctuations as well as due to other domestic and external factors such as smoke, dust, humidity, impacts;
1.3.5 the Product shows unqualified repair tracks;
1.3.6 natural depreciation of the elements;
1.3.7 the Product has used non-standard supply units, accessories and spare parts which the manufacturer has not certified for use with the specified Product and if it has caused damage to this Product;
1.3.8 the purchaser has used the Product for manufacturing or professional purposes (in the case if the Product in question is not intended for such purposes);
1.4 If you return the Products in accordance with the conditions of paragraph 2, we will pay the cost of supply of the Products to be replaced to you. We do not undertake responsibility for the supply costs if you cannot return the Products in accordance with these Rules.
1.5 We will provide the Services that you purchased from us with all the possible skill and effort.
1.6 If the Services do not comply with paragraph 1.5 or what we are promising for these Services electronically, then we will fix the non-compliance at issue or provide you with the Services again, or return the value of the Service or the value of proportional portion of the Service.
1.7 In order to exercise your right to the warranty referred to in paragraph 1.1, please do the following:
a. Please fill in the RMA (a form for returning low-quality or damaged items) form and put it to the Products subject to returning;


b. Please find the lowest price for traceable postal services in order to return the Products to the address: "GETIC" SIA, Satiksmes Street 6, Liepāja, Latvia, LV-3401;
c. Please contact us via email sales@alfa-network.com in order to confirm the eligible costs of delivery (in some cases we may decide to grant our transport label);
d. Please send the Products to address: "GETIC" SIA, Satiksmes Street 6, Liepāja, Latvia, LV-3401;
1.8. If you return the Products without fulfilling all the conditions, we are entitled to charge an amount that does not exceed the direct costs of recovery of the Products.


2.1 The conditions set out in paragraph 2 shall apply only to the Consumers.
2.2 You shall be entitled to refuse any Products and/or Services purchased within the framework of a distance contract during a period of 30 days from the date of receipt without mentioning the reason.
2.3 Exercise of the right of withdrawal will expire after 30 days from the date on which you have acquired or third party you have designated as the beneficiary has acquired the Product in possession.
2.4 We will reimburse you the Product value within 3 working days after we receive the Product back to our warehouse. The Product value will be reimbursed using your original payment method. More detailed information regarding the amount of reimbursement is specified in paragraph 2.9.
2.5 For the purpose of using your right of withdrawal, please complete the right of withdrawal form and send it to us to sales@alfa-network.com.


2.6 The Products must be returned without undue delay, but not later than within 14 days after sending to us of your notice regarding withdrawal.
2.7 For the purpose to preserve the right of withdrawal, you may use the Product to the extent necessary for verifying the nature, characteristics and performance of the Product. You must keep the original visual appearance, seals and protective film of the Product, as well as the packaging in original and undamaged way. You may not use the fastenings present in the kit, allow scratches and other signs of depreciation. If the returned Product has signs of depreciation (scratches, damages), some components, spare parts, instructions, protective films are missing – we are entitled to deduct up to 30 % of Product’s value.
2.8 If you will exercise your right of withdrawal after supply of the Products, please safely pack the Products in the original package and return to the address "GETIC" SIA, Satiksmes Street 6, Liepāja, Latvia LV-3401. For your safety, we recommend you to use the courier service supply.
2.9. In the event if the Products are returned to us under the conditions of the right of withdrawal set out in paragraph 2, we will return to you the Products and the supply value. In the event if you have used a type of supply that is not the standard and cheapest form of supply that we offer, we are not obliged to repay additional supply costs to you. In addition, please consider that you will cover the direct costs of sending the Products back.
2.10 If you cancel the order before it is dispatched from our warehouse, the total paid will be refunded to you within 3 working days using your original payment method.