Who We Are

"GETIC" SIA is an authorized distributor of Alfa Network products located in Liepaja, Latvia (EU) and has been representing Alfa Network, Inc. since 2013.

Feel free to contact Alfa Networks to verify our company’s status. GETIC is one of the few authorized distributors. Rest assured that by purchasing any Alfa products from www.alfa-network.eu, you’ll be acquiring 100% genuine items as we buy them directly from Alfa instead of third-party distributors. Our stock comes directly from the Taiwan Alfa factory before arriving to your doorstep.

Why purchase from an authorized distributor:

  • Your product has 2-year warranty (1-year factory warranty plus 1-year distributor warranty).
  • Shall any problems arise with the product; we’ll take care of it. There’s no overseas return shipping required and therefore no long wait periods. (This only applies to purchases inside EU member states).
  • Genuine Alfa product with advertised specs guaranteed.
  • You receive high-quality customer service and support from EU-based technicians specialized in Alfa Network equipment.
  • You purchase high-quality products from a widely-known brand.

Why not purchase counterfeit products:

  • Counterfeit Chinese products do not meet the needed standards.
  • Counterfeit sellers do not invest in research, development or buildings.
  • Counterfeit sellers’ only objective is to make profit selling low-quality items that don’t work properly and stop working earlier than expected.
  • If counterfeit items continue to be sold and bought, serious, important brands cannot survive in the long term.

Are you a retail store buyer?

GETIC is an authorized distributor. We can provide customized bulk pricing to companies that want to sell Alfa Network products in their stores.

Looking for wholesale price? We can offer discounts. Please contact us directly for a custom quote.